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Umbraco Personalisation and A/B Testing

Increasingly, personalisation is taking centre stage. With so much content online, it is crucial that you tailor your message to each unique visitor. Umbraco's strength lies in its user-friendliness and the ease with which you can edit content. These strengths allow your company to communicate more effectively with your target audience and build a stronger relationship.

Why is personalisation important?

Personalising online content is crucial for effective marketing. By sharing relevant and personalised messages, you create a connection with your target audience, which ultimately leads to more conversions. Every visitor goes through a'customer journey'. By recognising which stage the visitor is in, you can lead them to conversion with better, more relevant content.

Key benefits of Umbraco Cloud

When evaluating a CMS platform, the total cost of ownership, including the return on investment (ROI), should be considered. Umbraco Cloud stands out here by not only delivering a superior development process, but also by enabling organisations to achieve a quick ROI of just 3-6 months. This is made possible by the platform's built-in tools and features, such as automatic updates and integrated development and staging environments, which lead to an accelerated time-to-market and thus lower project development costs.

Umbraco Cloud goes beyond being a simple cloud platform. It builds on the power of Umbraco CMS and relieves businesses of many technical worries, allowing them to focus on creating high-quality content and functionalities. This means no hassle with server maintenance, security or performance optimisation.

Unlike some traditional CMS solutions, which can be limited by hardware, Umbraco Cloud uses the latest cloud technologies. This allows businesses to set up a future-proof website that is both dynamic and responsive with just a few clicks. A platform that grows with your organisation and helps you achieve your business goals faster.

How does personalisation work with Umbraco?

Umbraco makes personalising content simple. You can easily view content for all your visitors, including exceptions created for specific personas or stages of the customer journey. There are two main forms of personalisation:

Explicit Personalisation: Here you rely on clear information about your visitors, such as when they visit a specific page or the device they use.

Implicit Personalisation: This form of personalisation leans on more subtle signals, such as recent clicks, pages visited and behaviour on the site.

A/B Testing

Besides personalisation, Umbraco also offers tools for A/B testing. This allows marketers to test different versions of a web page and see which performs best. By constantly testing and optimising, businesses can ensure they are always providing their audience with the most effective content.

Whether you want to tailor your content to the needs of your audience or test different pages for optimal results, Umbraco has the tools to improve your online marketing.

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Frequently asked questions about Personalisation and A/B Testing in Umbraco

Explicit personalisation uses direct information about the visitor, such as their location or device, while implicit personalisation uses subtle cues such as their click behaviour to customise content.

A/B testing allows you to test different versions of your web pages to see which performs best. Once you know what really works, you can optimise your content for higher conversion rates.

Yes, the Umbraco landscape allows you to create different personas and customise your content accordingly to better suit the needs of your visitors.

By looking at visitor behaviour, such as which pages they view and how they interact with your content, you can estimate their stage in the customer journey.

Start on a small scale by defining specific audiences or personas and personalise content for these groups. As you add more content, you can expand your efforts to reach a wider audience.