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TRC Advocaten

Inbound marketing strategy for lead generation and strengthening customer relationships

TRC Advocaten Overview

For TRC Advocaten, a medium-sized law firm, we developed an inbound marketing strategy, entirely in line with the desire to grow online while bringing structure and regularity to the marketing activities. This strategy is aimed at both attracting new business and strengthening the relationship with existing clients.

  • Inbound marketing
  • HubSpot integration and implementation
  • Understanding ROI
  • Strategic plan
  • Clear plan to target right audience
TRC Advocaten

Online visibility for the right target group

TRC Advocaten's challenge was that online marketing was being done, only there was no insight into whether the right target audience was being reached, what the activities were delivering and what the strategic plan behind it was.

The firm had a desire to focus marketing activities more specifically on the upper market segment in the future in order to align their marketing with their desired target audience. The connecting targets for this strategy are:

  • Generating leads
  • Strengthen relationships with current clients
  • Making marketing activities measurable and transparent
  • Making sales and acquisition transparent and automated
  • Enthusing, supporting and relieving the internal organisation in the field of marketing
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Grow online with inbound marketing strategy

To realise TRC Advocaten's growth ambition, we deployed an activeinbound marketing strategy aimed at attracting the right target audience with interesting and relevant content at every stage of the buyers' journey. We used this content via blogs, search engines and social media to reach potential customers and inform them about solutions to their problems.

We defined the ideal customer, the buyer personas, to perfectly align our strategy. This led to more and, above all, the right visitors on the website. In several sessions, we defined the target audience, buyer personas, the matching strategy and the required content.

Knowledge transfer was crucial in our collaboration. We implemented the strategy together and relieved the organisation where necessary. This included building a marketing database, sending e-mails, supporting in organising events, creating content in collaboration with our regular copywriter Ine van de Laar of Strike a Pose, and providing workshops such as blog writing. These workshops taught TRC Advocaten's lawyers how to produce effective content to share their knowledge.

We also took steps to convert the website to a new version of Umbraco and later developed an entirely new website. This fresh new web design, based on insights from buyer personas and enriched with new photography, created a refreshed look and feel. The full integration with HubSpot strengthened our inbound marketing strategy, effectively fulfilling our growth ambition.


  • Ongoing marketing activities, based on a strategic plan and aimed at the right target group, result in a steady growth in the number of leads
  • Engagement with existing relationships has increased, visible in the growth of registrations for events and workshops.
  • The monthly email update generates great interest and the number of followers on LinkedIn has increased by 50%
  • The blogs are attracting more website visitors with growing enthusiasm, a trend that continues to rise thanks to active inbound marketing campaigns
  • Importantly, we now have clear insight into the return on investment of our marketing efforts and website activities.
  • No more black box, but clear insight into marketing effort and results in clear dashboards
  • Beautiful, clear new website that perfectly reflects the brand experience of the office, with its people

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