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Cosmetique Totale

Sophisticated, multilingual website for market leader in skin therapy

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Cosmetique Totale approached Webwonders with a request to develop a scalable, integrated website that could grow with their rapidly expanding organisation. They needed a platform that not only supported their current business operations, but was also ready for future international expansion.

  • The website as a central technical hub, crucial for operations and strategy
  • First point of contact for new clients, resulting in more customer interaction
  • Scalable and modular design, adaptable to business growth and needs
  • Integrated Google Analytics and Ads for in-depth customer insights and ad analysis
  • Continuously available enquiries for technical challenges and innovative solutions
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  • Advanced Umbraco site customised for flexible web solutions.
  • Multi-site management for uniform control over regional websites.
  • International and multilingual approach for global engagement.
  • Integrated links with booking systems and data warehouse for streamlined operations.
  • Strict focus on security and SEO for optimal online performance.
  • Technical coordination that brings together SEO, marketing and technical development.

Webwonders has led our digital transformation with a website that not only grows with our business, but is at the heart of our customer engagement.

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Future-proof commerce website

Since 2004, Cosmetique Totale has positioned itself as the market leader in the Netherlands in the field of skin therapy, laser treatments, and medical peelings. With a network of 68 branches in the Netherlands, Belgium and France and more than 400 outpatient treatment locations, Cosmetique Totale demonstrates a strong commitment to high-quality skin care and customer focus.

Faced with the need to modernise and expand their digital presence, Cosmetique Totale turned to Webwonders to develop a multilingual, secure and SEO-optimised website. This project was not only a technical upgrade, but also a strategic step forward, further strengthening Cosmetique Totale's position as an industry leader.

The newly developed website quickly became the beating heart of the organisation, essential for both day-to-day operations and strategic decisions. It served as the first point of contact for new clients, with increased visibility and accessibility leading to an increase in client contacts.

The website's scalable and modular design allowed it to flexibly adapt to changing business needs and growth. Furthermore, the website provided support for Google Analytics and Ads, leading to improved insights into customer behaviour and advertising performance. In addition, it acted as a query box for technical challenges, providing continuous support and innovation. All this made Cosmetique Totale's website a central pillar in their technical infrastructure and a key tool for their continued success and growth.

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