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HubSpot CMS

An integrated CMS within an all-in-one CRM platform

It's essential for your website to not only look great but also to effectively convey your message. But above all, your website must help you achieve your marketing goals. With HubSpot CMS, we develop safe and friendly websites that support your ambitions.

Hubspot Marketing Dashboard

HubSpot tools integration

HubSpot CMS is HubSpot's own CMS and provides seamless integration with HubSpot's CRM and marketing, sales and service hub. Customising your own pages is a snap. Webwonders designs and develops websites in HubSpot CMS entirely customised and in line with your house style.

Top reasons to choose HubSpot CMS for your website

With HubSpot CMS, you bundle the power of a content-driven website with CRM and marketing automation. You can choose to only have your website built in HubSpot CMS and organise your marketing activities through other tooling. The HubSpot API makes it possible to exchange data with many external tools such as Mailchimp, Facebook and SurveyMonkey.

HubSpot also offers its own wildly popular CRM and sales and marketing modules. By working in an integrated way, you can see where new leads are coming from and further process and follow up on these contacts. One platform allows you to set up funnels and link your activities with social media, among other things. You can also easily create a customer database and run in-depth management reports.

HubSpot CMS is a very user-friendly content management system (CMS). Even without technical knowledge, you can perform content work on your website, such as modifying and creating pages or blogs. In addition, data tables allow you to quickly update your entire website, such as the employee overview page.

It is easy to give others, such as a translation agency, access to HubSpot CMS. For example, do you need an additional language version of your site? Then the translation agency can work perfectly well in this. If you want to edit your content at country level yourself, then that too is perfectly fine to do yourself. Or you just let us do it lol, just as easy. We are not that sought-after marketing colleague of many SMEs for nothing.

HubSpot's marketing software offers all the features for a thriving inbound marketing strategy. You manage your email marketing, social media channels, landing pages, blog posts, ads, campaigns, workflows, forms, call to actions, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) planner and reporting dashboards together with your website conveniently in one platform.

With HubSpot CMS, as with Wordpress, for example, you can choose existing themes or templates. Yet if you want every detail to be tailored to your brand and market approach, a specialised HubSpot web builder (we, we, we!) can design a custom-made template for you. That way, you make absolutely no concessions about your brand and goals.

HubSpot is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. SaaS is an application that gives users access on the internet. You never have to worry about updates, hosting or anything else because everything is maintained right behind the scenes by HubSpot itself. No installations or difficult updates, just everything you want at your fingertips in your browser.

It does not stop there

How about smart content that lets you personalise certain modules and blocks on your website based on so-called viewer criteria? In addition, HubSpot CMS automatically gives you recommendations on areas for improvement in terms of SEO. You can quickly run A/B tests on your web pages and personalise the content on your pages for each visitor. Oh and did we mention that the HubSpot CMS basic module is very competitively priced?

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Benefits HubSpot CMS in a nutshell:


  • Easily customisable website templates.
  • User-friendly CMS.
  • Quickly run reports and A/B tests.
  • Pages optimised for SEO.
  • The power of combined lead generation platform, CRM and website CMS.
  • Dynamic content loading.
  • Marketing automation for email marketing and more.
  • HubSpot API for interfacing with hundreds of tools.
  • SaaS solution ensures up-to-date software without hosting hassles.
Get in touch for a HubSpot CMS demo

Here's how we can start:

We understand that you're eager to have your website built in HubSpot. And it is logical that you would prefer us to do so. We therefore have our own designers, developers and marketers who will turn your site into a world-class lead generator. If you want to get started, a course of action looks like this:

  1. You get in touch.
  2. We organise a strategic session.
  3. We determine who your customers are and what the purpose of a website visit is.
  4. Together, we draw out the website structure.
  5. You receive the design proposals.
  6. The proposal of your choice is worked out.
  7. The site is then built and filled, and we can also provide text and images.
  8. After testing, we launch it (with much or little tampering, as you prefer).
  9. Optionally, we then create content with you for leads and optimising findability.

Are you ready to take the first step towards a world-class lead-generating website? Contact us, and we'll guide you through each subsequent step with expertise and care.