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Digital marketplace for unique collectibles

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Collectweb, a thriving community for collectors, set out to create a webshop where unique collectibles could be bought and sold. This webshop needed not only to be user-friendly for collectors and sellers, but also to allow for future expansion, such as online auctions.

Webwonders developed a customised webshop for Collectweb, using Umbraco with Umbraco Commerce. This resulted in:

  • A webshop in Umbraco with Umbraco Commerce for a seamless buying and selling experience
  • Flexible product definitions, allowing users to easily create products and variants
  • Opportunities for third parties to sell properties themselves on the platform
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  • Implementation of product information management (PIM) software for comprehensive product, category, and variant management.
  • Efficient product and stock management with a direct link between the product management system and Umbraco Commerce.
  • A solid foundation for future expansion into an auction site and expanding the role of members within the community.
  • A fresh and new web design that matches the needs and interests of collectors.
Webwonders helped us launch a webshop that not only connects collectors, but also brings together past and future through the stories behind each item.
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From collection to connection: Collectweb's webshop

Collectweb is known as a dynamic collecting community where the love of unique objects and the stories behind them are central. With over 100,000 unique pieces, Collectweb offers collectors and explorers worldwide a platform to discover, buy, and sell rare finds. The mission goes beyond trade; it is a commitment to nurturing cultural heritage and fostering a passion for collecting.

The development of the webshop by Webwonders was a crucial step for Collectweb to expand its digital footprint and better serve the community. By providing a flexible, user-friendly marketplace, Collectweb has not only opened its doors to a wider audience of collectors, but also laid a solid foundation for future growth and innovation within the community.

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