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Content creation

Website content refers to the content or end result of a web page. Content can include text but also videos and images. Content can be downloaded, streamed, looked up in search engines like Google and shared on social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn or via e-mail.

Content and content marketing

The word 'content' is inseparably linked to content marketing. Content marketing includes all marketing types that involve creating and sharing content of value to the target audience. The aim is to attract a specified target group and convert them into customers, without directly mentioning your product or service in the content. By creating content that really benefits your target audience, your website will automatically attract the right visitors. You no longer need to shout for attention, visitors are naturally drawn to your compelling content.

If you want a successful website with a lot of website visitors, make sure you have a good variation between text and images. This contributes to good online findability and more website visitors.

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Content offers

Content offerings come in different shapes and sizes. Think blog articles, downloadable knowledge articles, e-books, infographics, white papers, social media posts, videos, interactive content and more. Our team of copywriters and designers help devise and produce content tailored to buyer personas, so that you offer what your target audience is looking for.

Convenient content calendar

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