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Umbraco Partner:
an acknowledgement of
expertise and commitment

At the heart of the digital world, it's all about trust and expertise. That's why choosing the right partner for your CMS solutions is crucial. In the Brainport region, Webwonders shines as the Platinum Partner of Umbraco, a title that embodies both our expertise and dedication.

Why choose a Platinum Partner?

Platinum not only shines; it also symbolises excellence. Being a Platinum Partner of Umbraco means that our developers are certified, showing that we have in-depth knowledge and skills to meet your project needs. Trust is essential, and with a certified team, you know your project is in expert hands.

Triple MVP: A recognition of our contribution

At Webwonders, we do not rest on our laurels. We are proud that our lead developer has been recognised three times as MVP by Umbraco, highlighting our commitment to excellence and community.

Active Community Members

Our involvement goes beyond business. We are active participants in the Umbraco community and contribute to community groups. As consultants to Umbraco's CMS Community Team, we are committed to continuous improvement and share our knowledge and experience with others.

If you are looking for a partner that not only offers expertise and quality, but is also committed to the greater good of the Umbraco community, Webwonders is your ideal choice. Our recognitions and commitment are testimonials to our commitment to excellence and to you.

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Frequently asked questions about Umbraco Partner

Being a Platinum Partner of Umbraco means that a company has demonstrated a high level of expertise and commitment with the Umbraco CMS. It is a recognition that indicates the company meets certain standards and expectations set by Umbraco.

Yes, at Webwonders, all developers are certified. This shows that we have extensive knowledge and skills regarding the Umbraco CMS and are qualified to work on the platform.

Being recognised three times as MVP (Most Valuable Person) by Umbraco is an honour that indicates that an individual or company has been particularly active and valuable to the Umbraco community. It means that Webwonders regularly contributes to the code, shares knowledge and supports other community members.

Webwonders is not only active in business, but also actively contributes to the Umbraco community. We participate in community groups and are advisors to Umbraco's CMS Community Team, where we share our expertise and contribute to the continuous improvement of the platform.

Webwonders stands out as a Gold Partner with certified developers, multiple MVP accreditations and active participation in the Umbraco community. Our involvement in the CMS Community Team and our overall contribution to the community demonstrates our commitment to our customers.