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Umbraco Cloud: the future of flexible, secure and efficient web development

In the dynamic world of web development, the right choice of Content Management System (CMS) is crucial. Umbraco Cloud emerges as the all-in-one solution that combines the power of Umbraco with the benefits of the cloud.

What is Umbraco Cloud?

Developed on the robust Microsoft Azure platform by the creators of Umbraco, Umbraco Cloud is not just another standard hosting solution. Thanks to Umbraco Deploy's capabilities, which allow you to effortlessly move content between different environments and add additional environments, it offers a superior hosting experience. This allows users to focus on delivering top-quality content and functionality while minimising technical challenges. As a fully managed cloud service, it minimises the technical challenges of web development, allowing users to fully focus on producing excellent content and functionalities. Umbraco Cloud is not bound by the limitations of traditional hardware. Instead, it makes full use of advanced cloud technology, providing a flexible and scalable platform.
With just a few steps, your platform is set up, allowing you to start developing a dynamic, responsive and future-proof website that grows with the changing needs of your organisation.

Key benefits of Umbraco Cloud

When evaluating a CMS platform, the total cost of ownership, including the return on investment (ROI), should be considered. Umbraco Cloud stands out here by not only delivering a superior development process, but also by enabling organisations to achieve a quick ROI of just 3-6 months. This is made possible by the platform's built-in tools and features, such as automatic updates and integrated development and staging environments, which lead to an accelerated time-to-market and thus lower project development costs.
Umbraco Cloud goes beyond being a simple cloud platform. It builds on the power of Umbraco CMS and relieves companies of many technical concerns, allowing them to focus on creating high-quality content and functionalities. This means no hassle with server maintenance, security or performance optimisation.
Unlike some traditional CMS solutions, which can be limited by hardware, Umbraco Cloud uses the latest cloud technologies. This allows businesses to set up a future-proof website that is both dynamic and responsive with just a few clicks. A platform that grows with your organisation and helps you achieve your business goals faster.

Hosted on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive integrated suite of cloud services ranging from databases and analytics to networking and developer tools. This versatility, combined with scalability, resilience and a global presence, makes it particularly suited to Umbraco Cloud. When traffic spikes, Azure can automatically allocate the necessary resources and offers robust storage solutions and automated failover for minimal downtime. On the other hand, Umbraco Cloud builds on the power of the Umbraco CMS, offering a user-friendly experience. It minimises technical concerns, allowing users to focus on content creation and functionality. By embracing cloud technology, Umbraco Cloud goes beyond traditional CMS limitations, allowing users to create a dynamic, responsive and future-proof website that grows with their organisation with a single click.

Security First: Automatic Security Updates and the Power of Cloudflare

By default, Umbraco Cloud ensures that applications automatically receive the latest patch updates. As soon as new issues come to light during security audits, they are immediately and automatically patched on Umbraco Cloud. This makes Umbraco Cloud one of the safest places to host your Umbraco application.
In this day and age, when the digital world is constantly changing and facing increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks, it is crucial to have solid security measures in place. The urgency of robust online protection has never been greater, especially for businesses and individuals making their mark online. This is where Cloudflare comes in, a leading force in internet security.
Cloudflare is not just a tool, but a comprehensive platform designed for both protection and acceleration of websites. A prominent feature of Cloudflare is its capacity as a Content Delivery Network (CDN), which helps speed up the delivery of web content to users worldwide. But Cloudflare's services extend further: the platform also offers industry-leading security options such as a firewall that proactively detects and repels potential threats. With its Web Application Firewall (WAF), Cloudflare identifies and blocks specific web threats, and their DDoS protection is indispensable to fend off massive denial-of-service attacks.
Understanding the need for high-quality online security, Umbraco Cloud opted for a thorough integration with Cloudflare. Thanks to this integration, websites on Umbraco Cloud are relentlessly protected against both common and advanced cyber threats. Together, Umbraco Cloud and Cloudflare guarantee a secure and efficient online experience for users worldwide.

Seamlessly adding environments

In web development, properly managing different environments is essential to ensure a seamless and error-free user experience. Traditionally, navigating between these environments - such as the development (developing) and staging (testing) environments - can be a source of frustration and potential errors for many teams. This becomes especially crucial when new features and updates need to be implemented.
This is where Umbraco Cloud comes in, a platform specifically designed to address these challenges. With its advanced capabilities, it allows developers and teams to switch effortlessly and efficiently between development and staging environments. In practice, this means that when a new feature or update is ready for evaluation, it can first be tested in the development environment. It can then be moved to the staging environment for further testing under conditions that mimic the actual production environment. This process ensures that any bugs, compatibility issues or other unforeseen problems are identified and addressed before they reach the live audience.
Another crucial benefit of using Umbraco Cloud is the enhanced collaboration between team members. Since different developers may be working on different aspects of a project, there is always a risk that someone's work will negatively impact another part of the project. But with Umbraco Cloud, teams can work in harmony, ensuring that one developer's updates do not overwrite another's work. This not only contributes to a more efficient workflow, but also strengthens team dynamics and ensures a smoother development cycle.

Future: load balancing

Load balancing is an essential tool in today's web hosting. It goes beyond simply distributing traffic. It optimises resource allocation, guarantees fast responsiveness and ensures continuous service even during peak times such as large online sales or marketing campaigns.
Umbraco Cloud has not only adopted this technique, but has made it central to their commitment to superior web performance. However, what makes Umbraco Cloud truly unique is their forward-looking approach. They do not see load balancing as an isolated strategy, but as an integral part of their vision for the future of web hosting.
While adapting their services to current needs, Umbraco Cloud is also already anticipating future challenges in the digital space. This allows them to offer a platform that remains both stable and scalable not only now, but also in the years to come.

Predictable costs

Unlike traditional cloud web hosting where costs fluctuate depending on traffic, storage and other factors, Umbraco Cloud offers a fixed and predictable cost model with no hidden licence fees. This cloud-based platform provides transparency in pricing, allowing organisations to budget with confidence and plan future expenses without surprises. Eliminating the uncertainty often associated with traditional cloud hosting makes Umbraco Cloud a breath of fresh air for businesses looking for reliability and financial provisioning.

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Frequently asked questions about Umbraco Cloud

Umbraco Cloud is an all-in-one solution that combines the Umbraco CMS with the benefits of cloud hosting. Developed on the Microsoft Azure platform, it offers advanced hosting experience, allowing users to focus on content and functionality.

Umbraco Cloud offers a superior development process, fast ROI, automatic updates, integrated development and staging environments, and eliminates technical concerns such as server maintenance and security.

Umbraco Cloud is hosted on Microsoft Azure, an integrated suite of cloud services. Hosting locations can be chosen: (Western) Europe, Americas, Australia and UK.

Umbraco Cloud provides automatic application patch updates and has integration with Cloudflare, a leading platform in internet security, to protect websites from cyber threats.

Umbraco Cloud allows developers to switch effortlessly between development and staging environments, identifying bugs and issues before going live.

Load balancing optimises resource allocation and ensures continuous service. Umbraco Cloud has made this central to their commitment to superior web performance and is looking ahead to the future of web hosting.

Unlike traditional cloud hosting, Umbraco Cloud offers a fixed and predictable cost model with no hidden licence fees, allowing companies to budget with confidence.

You can get in touch for an 'Umbraco scan', an in-depth analysis that looks at your current implementation, conducts a code review, and makes strategic recommendations for the future.