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Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is all about attracting customers by offering interesting and relevant content at every stage of the buying process. With inbound marketing, unlike traditional marketing techniques, you don't have to shout for the attention of potential customers. By offering content that answers the questions and problems of your ideal customer, you attract quality visitors and build trust and credibility for your business.


Inbound marketing in brief

  • Target visitors who are actively looking for information
  • Increase your organic visibility and traffic by offering high-quality content
  • Generate leads with call-to-actions and landing pages
  • Automate your marketing processes
  • Track and analyse every part of your online marketing and sales processes

The four phases
of inbound marketing

1. Attract

Attract visitors to your website with content that helps with their problems and answers their questions by publishing blogs and posting content on social media tailored to your target audience.

2. Convert

Create leads from anonymous visitors who look further for possible solutions to their problems by offering downloadable content on landing pages behind call-to-actions.

3. Close

Turn leads into customers and support the decision-making process by building trust in the solution your company offers with email marketing, customer management and automated workflows.

4. Delight

Make sure your customers have access to the latest and most relevant content so that they become promoters of your brand.

Inbound marketing services

We study search behaviour to understand the search intentions of the target audience. On this basis, we adjust the structure and content of all online expressions to make them optimally findable in search engines.

Mapping your target audience is crucial to the success of all inbound marketing activities. We help you identify your ideal target audience and translate it into one or more buyer personas. We use these buyer personas throughout the process so that we reach the right target group.

One of the most effective ways to get new visitors to your website is to regularly write blog articles that match the questions and issues of your target audience. Our team of copywriters will help you do this by writing new articles or editing existing content.

An inbound marketing campaign is all about converting visitors into leads. We help you do this by creating remarkable offers and downloads. These are offered in a so-called "conversion funnel" consisting of call-to-actions, landing pages, thank you pages and follow-up emails.

The basis of a good inbound campaign is offering interesting content in the form of downloadable knowledge articles, e-books, infographics, whitepapers, social media posts and more. Our team of copywriters and designers help devise and produce content tailored to the buyer personas.

To give your content extra visibility, it can help to deploy online advertising channels. We help select the right channels and set up and manage audience segmented CPC (cost per click) campaigns.

By making sure you post content on the channels where your target audience is present, you increase the chances of quality visitors to your website. We provide insight into the behaviour of your target group on social media channels and adjust the content accordingly. By regularly posting new relevant content, we create contact moments with your target group.

We help you promote content through email campaigns and workflows. This guides prospects through the buyers' journey in an automated way and filters out the right leads that can be transferred to sales.

Data Rapportage

Data analysis and reporting

We deliver clear reporting, providing insights into your site's visitors. We analyze which content and campaigns attract visitors and where they come from. We calculate your ROI to understand what works and adjust as needed.

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What does inbound marketing deliver?

It starts with a good conversation about your company's goals and ambitions and whether inbound marketing can contribute to these. Our starting point is that there must be a solid basis for achieving these goals and a healthy ROI before we start working together.

We then study your current website and (online) marketing activities and see where growth opportunities lie. Based on this analysis, we present a no-obligation growth plan for your situation.

Implementation of growth plan

We provide our inbound marketing services on a monthly service retainer basis. With this working method, we ensure continuity of operations and make a measurable contribution to the growth of your business. Our team of specialists works continuously to build and drive your inbound marketing machine.

Prices for our standard inbound marketing service retainers depend on your growth ambitions and range from €1,500 to €5,000 per month. Of course, it is also possible to tailor the work to your needs.