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Pets Place

One million leads with the Puppy Test

Puppytest Overview

For Pets Place, we developed the Puppy Test, a test that answers a question that almost every future dog owner is struggling with. This interactive content provides a constant stream of leads and helps build a highly relevant marketing database.

  • Umbraco Cloud
  • Easy content management
  • Constant flow of leads
  • CRM link
Case Image Puppytest

Adding value for target audience through interactive content

Pets Place wanted to help prospective dog owners choose the right puppy. The challenge was to reach the target audience in a fun and informative way and really add value for the customer.

This is where the Puppy Test comes in: a simple and smart tool that helps people determine which dog breed best suits their family situation, wishes and requirements. After answering 16 relevant questions about owning a dog, the test gives a result: the top three dog breeds that best suit the user.

Moreover, the Puppy Test offers valuable advice and tips on buying and raising a puppy or new dog, making it a highly relevant tool for its target audience.

Content that generates lasting leads

We developed Puppytest on the Umbraco Cloud platform. This allows website administrators to easily keep the content and the test up-to-date, while automatically providing the site with the latest updates. Email addresses collected go directly into the CRM, allowing (future) dog owners to regularly receive valuable tips and advice on the essentials for a new puppy or dog.

The test is a great success and is completed over 10,000 times a month and has been completed (almost) a million times altogether! Thanks to the Puppy Test, we continuously generate leads and build a highly relevant marketing database for Pets Place.

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