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Power Battery

New website and strategy focused on lead generation

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What. a. cool. company! But how Power Battery was struggling to grow to the next stage. As a marketing colleague, we took over the entire marketing and lead generation. We provided a clear strategy, drew up buyer personasand created a new website with linked CRM & sales tooling.

  • Sales-oriented website
  • Marketing colleague
  • Exponential growth in visitors and leads
  • HubSpot CRM with sales and marketing tooling
  • Constant content creation
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Focusing on leads

Webwonders developed a workable strategy for growth. Starting at the beginning: the customer. We drew up buyer personas and developed a new website with solutions to problems customers encounter. We set up a CRM system to capture leads and developed a "pipeline" to support sales. This provided insight and easy reports to send on, handy man! All nice, but the proverbial yarn on the bobbin required a lead campaign. This included a calculator that could be downloaded and around this we created relevant content for social media, blogs, findability for Google and all with appealing design. An ad campaign could not be missing to reach more potential customers.

As marketing colleagues (hi!), we keep the lines of communication short, consult on a weekly basis and respond immediately to minor questions and new developments... oh and sometimes we get coffee too... 'tis not to get any crazier.

That strategy remained, the execution changed 100 times, because that is what happens when you really want to do it right: together.

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Scaling up with partner

As a start-up, Power Battery struggled to advance to scale-up. Despite technological gold in their hands and a distinctive product, they found it difficult to get the right leads. They had to do everything themselves, had a home-made website and were unsure about hiring a marketer or knocking on an agency's door. The need was for a partner for on- and offline content creation. That went a little differently... and that's a good thing!

Leads... leads... leads...

This approach as a marketing colleague ensured a steady stream of quality visitors (900% growth) and leads (3000% growth) Say what? Yes 3000 pro-cent! Power Battery could get on with what it was good at: business development, attracting investors and the further development of the products. We took care of the marketing aspects and provided insight into the results in order to make adjustments.

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