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Online marketing
for lawyers

Does your firm have its online "affairs" in order?

What is the status of the digital strategy of my law firm?

Many law firms struggle with this question. And not surprising really, lawyers have only been allowed to advertise since 1989. As a result, many firms lag behind when it comes to marketing and sales. The idea that marketing is not necessary still prevails. However, due to the digitalisation of society, a first impression of a firm has often become a digital impression. So your online strategy needs to be spot on. When a firm realises that there are online opportunities, it often lacks the knowledge and time to give them structural shape. In addition, there is often a lack of insight into what online efforts yield.

Online Marketing Voor Advocaten

Questions about online marketing at law firms we often hear:

  • How do I increase my online visibility?
  • How do I position my office online?
  • Where do I get the inspiration to write blogs?
  • I pay for Google Ads but what do I get in return?
  • We want to get more new business from our website but how?
  • What do our marketing efforts actually deliver?
  • How do I get my customers to stay and come back?
  • We have had a beautiful website created for our office. And now what?

Inbound marketing for the legal profession

The answer to these questions is the inbound marketing methodology. Inbound marketing is the modern way of raising your profile by sharing content and showcasing your expertise and knowledge to the outside world. You attract customers by offering interesting and relevant content. Potential customers find this information, for example, on blogs, through search engines and on social media.

With inbound marketing, unlike traditional marketing techniques, you don't have to shout for the attention of potential customers. By offering content that answers your ideal client's questions and problems, you attract quality visitors and build trust and credibility. In the legal profession, it often revolves around personal contact and trust. This is precisely the approach of an inbound marketing strategy.

Continuously offering relevant content and sharing knowledge not only attracts new contacts. Because you also constantly help and support existing clients, you build a strong network of promoters for your office. We call this the flywheel effect.

Marketing Voor Advocatuur

The 4-step marketing plan for law firms

As a law firm, you are increasingly aware of the importance of online marketing. You don't want to lag behind the competition, but how does your firm approach this? A useful tool is this roadmap.

Download the roadmap

Inbound steps

1. Attract

Start actively working to understand your target audience and your "ideal customer". This way, you not only ensure more visitors to your website, but especially attract the right visitors.

2. Engage

Open the "black box" that is your website and make sure you gain insight into who is visiting it and what this visitor is doing. That way, you can provide targeted help and connect the visitor to your office.

3. Delight

By continuing to amaze and help your existing customers and relations with relevant information, you ensure higher engagement and an active way to get recommendations and referrals.

What do we help law firms with?

Marketing strategy

We help identify the ideal target group and translate it into one or more buyer personas. We use these buyer personas to create a customised marketing plan so that we reach the right target audience with all marketing activities.

Marketing automation & CRM

By using smart marketing and CRM software, we are able to provide full insight into processes and results and create the opportunity for employees to actively engage in online marketing themselves.

Clear reporting

We provide clear reporting that gives you insight into who is visiting your site. We look at which content and campaigns generate visitors and where they come from. This way, we know what works and what doesn't, and make adjustments where necessary.

Hubspot Partner

HubSpot for law firms

We work with HubSpot. This tool combines customer relationship management (CRM), marketing, sales and service in one tool. This provides instant insight into what marketing campaigns are delivering. It also saves time and money by having everything in one place. Some examples of the possibilities with HubSpot:

  • Generating leads
  • Strengthen relationships with current customers
  • Making online marketing activities measurable and transparent
  • Making sales and acquisition processes transparent
  • Automation of marketing processes
  • Central AVG-proof marketing database

As a HubSpot certified agency, we have extensive experience in implementing and working with HubSpot software for law firms. Our staff work with this system on a daily basis and regularly attend training courses to stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

We'd love to tell you more about it!

Marketing services for the legal profession

Our services are tailored to take the worries off the hands of medium-sized law firms with an ambition to grow online. Within this group, marketing activities often take place ad hoc and without a clear strategy due to lack of time and knowledge. Marketing is "done on the side" by the secretariat or an enthusiastic employee. Usually, due to lack of time or knowledge, this is limited to writing articles for the website, the occasional e-mail newsletter and perhaps a post on LinkedIn. Due to the lack of a strategically based plan and consistent execution, the results often fail to materialise - if they can be visualised at all.

Webwonders assists by collaberating on a consistent and thoughtful marketing plan and supporting its daily implementation. This ensures our client that continuous efforts are made to achieve the set goals and we actively contribute to the success of the firm. In practice, our work looks like this:


Setting goals and creating an understanding of the firm's ideal client

Drafting a customised marketing plan

Ongoing execution of the marketing strategy

Report periodically and adjust where necessary

Hubspot CRM Marketing Sales Service En CMS

What do we help law firms with?

We help identify the ideal target group and translate it into one or more buyer personas. We use these buyer personas to create a customised marketing plan so that we reach the right target audience with all marketing activities.

  1. Website development, design and management
  2. Improving website findability (SEO)
  3. Online lead generation and campaign management
  4. Design and management of social media channels
  5. Blogging and content creation (text and visuals)
  6. E-mail marketing and newsletters
  7. Design and management of online ads (SEA)
  8. Promotion and registration of events and seminars