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Umbraco 8

Revolutionary content management with new editing features

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  • Release date: 26-02-2019
  • End of Life Date: 24-02-2025

Highlights of Umbraco 8

Infinite Editing: Enables editing of related content without leaving the current page, providing a smoother and more efficient content creation experience.

Content Apps: Provides contextual features within the content page, making additional insights and functionalities available to users.

Language Variants: simplifies the management and publishing of multilingual content, enabling efficient 1-to-1 translations.

Umbraco 8

Umbraco 8, launched on 26 February 2019, represents a major evolution in the Umbraco CMS. Although still based on the .NET Framework, this version introduces groundbreaking new features such as Infinite Editing, Content Apps and Language Variants.

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Umbraco 8

Detailed description of Umbraco version 8

Umbraco 8 brings a renewed focus on ease of use and flexibility in content management. Infinite Editing allows users to work more efficiently by editing related content without losing their current work context. Content Apps open doors to new analytical capabilities and insights directly within the CMS.

The addition of Language Variants makes Umbraco 8 particularly suitable for projects that require a multilingual approach, by simplifying managing and updating content in different languages. These features together with the improved code base and performance make Umbraco 8 a powerful choice for web developers and content managers.

The most frequently asked questions about Umbraco versions

The latest version of Umbraco varies depending on when you ask this question. For the most up-to-date version, check out our Umbraco version page for the latest information.

LTS, or 'Long Term Support', refers to Umbraco versions that offer long-term support with updates and security patches.

STS, 'Short Term Support', denotes versions with shorter support periods. LTS versions provide long-term stability, while STS versions give access to the latest features but have a shorter lifespan.

Several versions of Umbraco have been released, each with unique features and improvements. For a list of available versions, you should check out our Umbraco Versions page.

We usually implement the latest secure version of Umbraco. This usually means the latest version minus two releases to avoid any initial issues. So for example, if the current version is 13.1 or 13.2, we start by implementing version 13 with new customers or updating with existing customers who wish to do so.

Our website always runs on the latest version of Umbraco. This allows us to identify and fix any bugs, so that we can always offer our customers the most up-to-date and advanced solutions.

To find out the Umbraco version of your website, log into the Umbraco CMS and look in the 'Help' or 'About' section, where you will usually find the version information. Otherwise, contact Frans, who can always help you further.

To update your Umbraco website to a newer version, contact Frans, who will guide you through the process.