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Umbraco 7

Innovation in design and functionality

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  • Release date: 21-11-2013
  • End of Life Date: 30-09-2023
  • Support Information: Only security updates and critical bug fixes will be implemented until September 2023.

Highlights of Umbraco 13

Brand new design: A fresh and modern interface for the entire application.

New client-side layer: Built on AngularJS and Twitter Bootstrap for responsiveness and interaction.

Improved editors: new Content, Media, Member and datatype editors offer more flexibility and functionality.

Search-driven navigation: Efficient and user-friendly navigation through the back office.

Umbraco 7

Umbraco 7, launched in November 2013, marked a significant innovation in the Umbraco CMS. This version introduced not only a fresh and modern design, but also an entirely new client-side layer that provides an interactive user experience.

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Detailed description of Umbraco version 7

Improvements in media handling and upload support in Umbraco 7 significantly improved the experience of managing media assets. List views for large content collections made managing extensive content easier and more manageable. This version was also known for its improved performance, resulting in a faster experience when creating, browsing and editing websites.

The most frequently asked questions about Umbraco versions

The latest version of Umbraco varies depending on when you ask this question. For the most up-to-date version, check out our Umbraco version page for the latest information.

LTS, or 'Long Term Support', refers to Umbraco versions that offer long-term support with updates and security patches.

STS, 'Short Term Support', denotes versions with shorter support periods. LTS versions provide long-term stability, while STS versions give access to the latest features but have a shorter lifespan.

Several versions of Umbraco have been released, each with unique features and improvements. For a list of available versions, you should check out our Umbraco Versions page.

We usually implement the latest secure version of Umbraco. This usually means the latest version minus two releases to avoid any initial issues. So for example, if the current version is 13.1 or 13.2, we start by implementing version 13 with new customers or updating with existing customers who wish to do so.

Our website always runs on the latest version of Umbraco. This allows us to identify and fix any bugs, so that we can always offer our customers the most up-to-date and advanced solutions.

To find out the Umbraco version of your website, log into the Umbraco CMS and look in the 'Help' or 'About' section, where you will usually find the version information. Otherwise, contact Frans, who can always help you further.

To update your Umbraco website to a newer version, contact Frans, who will guide you through the process.

Umbraco 7 end of life (EOL)

Umbraco 7, launched in November 2013, went into a security update phase in July 2021.

End of support: Support for Umbraco 7 ended on 30 September 2023. From that date, Umbraco will no longer release security patches and the use of this version for website hosting is not recommended.

Important considerations: After the EOL date, Umbraco 7 will no longer receive updates or patches. Users are at risk of security issues and compliance issues.

Options for users: Users of Umbraco 7 are advised to upgrade to a newer version of Umbraco for better security, stability and access to new features.

More information on upgrades or security risks? Contact Frans.