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Custom website design

Digital experience for your vision

Your website is the heart of your online activities.

It is the central place where visitors become leads and customers come back for more. A website has long ceased to be an online business card; it is the hotspot to acquire customers.

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A good website

Interested parties want to find concrete answers to their questions on your site, without bells and whistles. Your website should inform them about solutions to their problems. Your website should inspire confidence and excite visitors, so that they take action without hesitation.

Your website will not just become an automated sales funnel. Customers and prospects are not going to simply stand in rows at your online door banging on a purchase. Competition is fierce so if you want to stand out in the online crowd, you need more: a well thought-out strategy, a thought-provoking message, powerful call-to-actions and... a bit of magic.

Mix of creativity, marketing and technology

The team at Webwonders in Eindhoven is geared to this. Developers, marketers, designers and strategists continuously work together. The result is a design that appeals, texts that invite you to read on and a layout that encourages action. And all with optimal user-friendliness. If that doesn't make your customers and Google happy...

Ranking higher in Google

If you want to rank high in Google search results, your website should not only meet the expectations of your target audience, but also Google's rules of the game.

Consider the mobile friendliness of your site, up-to-date security certificates, the content you publish on it and the importance of working with a well-designed and secure content management system (CMS). With such a system, you can comply with the rules for organic findability more efficiently and your site is technically well built.

Online marketing

With the technical building and customer-oriented design of your website, an important step has been taken. Basically, you are ready for the online playing field. To really make the internet your home base - with a fan base you can be proud of - a well thought-out online marketing strategy is the next step.

Umbraco websites

All our websites are built in Umbraco, an internationally recognised Microsoft .NET-based open source content management system that allows you to make changes and manage your entire website yourself. This without compromising the design. After a brief explanation, you and your colleagues will be able to post and share content in no time.

Webwonders Umbraco MVP
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HubSpot CMS

With HubSpot CMS, we create custom websites that are easy for marketers to maintain, without code. Effortlessly create blogs, landing pages and website pages. Some advantages of HubSpot CMS:
  • Fully manageable online (Saas)
  • Super secure, 99.99% uptime
  • Never worry about hosting or updates (all included)
  • Convenient drag & drop modules, never having to code again
  • Multi-language
  • Full custom design possible, tailored to your customers
  • Templates custom-made by Webwonders
  • Integration with Marketing, Sales and Service HUB
  • Free CRM
Webwonders works with fully certified HubSpot developers to create website. We migrate your website within a week.

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