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Custom software

With our team of software developers, designers and online business specialists, we build web applications based on .NET technology. Especially for companies that dare to be just that little bit different from others.

When do you opt for custom software?

You are looking for a tool that is not readily available

There is a lot of online software available for various applications. Think of portals for online collaboration, financial packages, invoicing tools, and CRM applications; everything is available. However, sometimes you just can't find exactly what you're looking for. You might be missing crucial functionalities or seamless integration with existing systems. What do you do then? Do you adjust yourself to the available technology, or do you look beyond the rest and choose an application that takes your internal organization and services to a higher level? If you choose the latter, then we are the ideal partner for you. We (re)build software in a clever way so that it is tailored to the needs of your team and clients.

You have an application that you want to further develop

Your organization, department, or team is using software that works fine. However, it's outdated, and to innovate - to meet the contemporary needs of employees and customers - it's time to make an upgrade. You know what you want from practical experience. Some existing functionalities are redundant, and oh, how you miss certain features. Unfortunately, you can't go back to the current supplier. Curious about what we can do for you?

What is your challenge?

Team Webwonders

Custom software expensive?

There is a perception within SME Netherlands that custom software is by definition expensive and the lead time long. But we prove in practice that this is not always the case. Wherever possible, we use standard components. We start small, often with prototypes. We test with them, and based on experiences, we continue building.  According to a tight schedule and in clear language, of course.

That way, we build only what is really necessary. We skip bells and whistles and are highly allergic to nonsense. We make you part of the team, so communication is fast and clear. As a result, we end up working faster and cheaper on custom-made software with a particularly high standard. Whether it's more time, more fun or more turnover; with our software solutions, you achieve profit. Always.

Maatwerk Software

Optimising work processes

To achieve this, we systematically inventory every business process step by step. We talk - with you, colleagues and customers - and analyse every activity within a work process. Where can work be done more effectively and with more simplicity?

Software has to fit exactly and for that we build around your needs. That way, work within your organisation is faster and more enjoyable. The result? A distinctive service that really adds value for your customers. Business growth? Check!

Temporary software team

We see it more and more often: you want to develop an application in-house but lack - temporarily - the right manpower. Because we have a permanent team in Eindhoven and a fixed network of software developers, Webwonders is able to put together a suitable team of software developers to work for you temporarily - on a project basis. So stop that time-consuming search for talent and make use of our top team where necessary.