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Lesli Fireworks

Customised e-commerce
platform with more than
400 connected webshops

Vuurwerkplanet Overview

We developed a powerful new customised e-commerce platform for Lesli Vuurwerk, the largest importer of consumer fireworks in the Netherlands. Lesli Vuurwerk was a pioneer in the online sale of fireworks, and needed a platform to facilitate their customers in selling fireworks online.

  • Customised online sales platform
  • Link with Exact
  • Umbraco CMS multisite
  • Well-thought-out SEO strategy

Industry-specific sales platform

To facilitate the online sale of fireworks, an industry-specific platform that meets the needs and requirements in terms of sales, logistics, inventory management and safety was needed.

A standard webshop was not possible due to industry-specific requirements, such as safety requirements and the way of ordering, where a reservation is placed and it can only be collected on the days when fireworks are allowed to be sold.

Case Image Lesli

Customised e-commerce platform with multiple connected webshops

We developed a system that integrates seamlessly with various webshops, POS systems and ERP software. We also created webshops for, Goedvuurwerk, Zena Vuurwerk, Redwire and Boerenbond Vuurwerk, including shops for individual dealers.

These webshops connect to our e-commerce platform, which is specially tailored to the needs of this industry. This allows dealers to effortlessly manage their online sales, stock management, sales processing, purchase and return orders.

Scalable, secure, stable platform

We developed an e-commerce platform that now connects more than 400 outlets, where dealers manage their fireworks sales through their own back office. Webshops such as Vuurwerkplanet, Boerenbond Vuurwerk, Zena Vuurwerk and Welkoop are connected and have experienced a strong increase in visits and conversions, thanks to our thoughtful SEO strategy.

The platform has been continuously developed, with new enhancements and features added every year. Thanks to the stable architecture in Umbraco, the system has performed well under high load during peak periods.

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