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Data-driven optimisation of inbound recruitment with HubSpot

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iTrainee, the matchmaker between young talents and companies looking for SAP consultants, had the main goal of automating and providing insight into their marketing processes with HubSpot

  • Setting up HubSpot portal: specially designed for effective inbound recruitment
  • Development and integration of custom themes and templates: Seamless integration within HubSpot for a streamlined user experience
  • Linking with digital marketing platforms: integration of Google Ads and social media for improved marketing insight
  • Automation of recruitment processes: Implementation of workflows for candidate scoring and nurturing, including automatic follow-ups
  • Training and data analysis: strengthening the marketing and recruitment team with training, and setting up dashboards and reports for clear insights
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  • Data-driven insight into candidates: Clarity on the origin and quality of candidates.
  • Automation of the recruitment process: Efficiency gains and relief for recruiters.
  • Automatic follow-up: Consistent interaction with candidates in the talent pool.
  • Targeted marketing campaigns: Integration with Google Ads and social media enabled targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Independent and effective team: The iTrainee marketing and recruitment team is now fully competent in using and managing HubSpot tools after intensive training and guidance.

With Webwonders' expertise, we have made a revolutionary leap in recruitment, seamlessly combining technology and personalisation.


Transforming recruitment with HubSpot automation

iTrainee is a dynamic and data-driven player in the SAP consulting market. They specialise in finding and training young talent for careers as SAP consultants. Their unique approach to matching ensures that recent graduates and ambitious companies find each other in a world where technology and business processes are central.

In their quest to improve recruitment processes, iTrainee worked with Webwonders to develop a strategy that not only increased efficiency, but also provided a more personalised experience for both candidates and companies. Central to this strategy was the implementation of HubSpot, which was tailored to iTrainee's unique recruitment needs. This included the integration of digital marketing tools such as Google Ads and social media, resulting in improved lead generation and accurate tracking of candidate interactions.

A key innovation was the development of an automated candidate management workflow supported by data analytics. This system enabled iTrainee to personalise and automate communication with potential candidates, resulting in a more efficient and effective recruitment cycle. The implementation of advanced reporting features provided further insight into the effectiveness of their recruitment efforts.

This approach has led to a significant improvement in iTrainee's recruitment process, strengthening their position as a leading provider of young, talented SAP consultants. The partnership with Webwonders has not only increased operational efficiency, but also provided a valuable contribution to improving the overall candidate experience with a data-driven approach.

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