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Goeth Real Estate

Better online findability

Goeth Vastgoed Sleutel

Goeth Vastgoed is a property rental and property management company based in Eindhoven. The marketing activities we carry out focus on improving online findability through Google Ads, website optimisation, keyword research and publishing relevant content for both target groups, both tenants and landlords.

  • Google Ads
  • SEO
  • Target group-specific content
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More visitors to your website

Goeth Vastgoed's challenge lay in how to ensure that sufficient traffic comes to the website, using both SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEA (search engine advertising). Because the real estate industry advertises a lot, it is important to make sure you are and stay highly visible online. They were looking for a partner who takes care of all their marketing, and can respond quickly where necessary.

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Paid advertising and search engine optimisation

Through paid ads in Google Ads, we provide ads for relevant search terms to generate more traffic to the website and convert visitors.

We also publish content regularly, based on keyword research, and create landing pages to collect leads.

Top of mind thanks to online visibility

We have achieved good organic ranking for several relevant keywords for both tenant and landlord in Google. This ensures a steady supply of traffic to the websites of both target groups.

Depending on market conditions, we can move quickly in reaching tenants or property owners.
Monthly reports clearly show the results achieved.

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