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B2B High-Tech Startups:
Hit the Ground Running

How do you create a foundation so you can grow online?

Questions from high-tech startups we often hear:

  • How do I make sure I become visible online quickly?
  • How can I start generating leads through my website?
  • There is so much choice when it comes to online marketing, which strategy will ensure the most growth?
  • There is a lot of media attention surrounding the launch of my product, how do I maintain this attention?
  • How do I establish a scalable base online?
  • How do I create my 'brand'?
  • How do I transform my self-built website into a professional website that can grow with us as my company grows?

Website strategy and online marketing

The answers to these questions lie in the strategic choices to be made at the start. These depend on your time, budget and reach. Prior to creating the website and starting the marketing campaign, we determine in one or more strategic sessions who the target audience is, how we are going to reach them and what content they are looking for, this is the foundation on which we build the website and marketing campaign.

Launch pad website

Being online quickly is essential. Setting up a complete website isn't a quick and easy task. Our working method focuses on creating a stable, scalable foundation that is quickly online. We then work step by step on expanding the website, so that it grows with your company.

Our experience is that startups almost always have a website, often self-made, which no longer aligns with the growth ambitions of these companies. We transform this foundation into a professional website, ready to grow with your business. Don't have a website at all? No worries, we ensure you're online quickly and start with a solid foundation.

Marketing setup

Increasing your online visibility, converting website visitors, or lead generation. In the strategic session, we determine your goals and set up a quick-win campaign to achieve results quickly.

We fundamentally operate based on the inbound marketing methodology. Inbound marketing is the way to position yourself by sharing content and showcasing your expertise and knowledge to the outside world. You attract customers by offering interesting and relevant content. Potential customers find this information, for example, on blogs, through search engines, and on social media.

Crm Marketing Automation

Marketing automation & CRM

By using smart marketing and CRM software, we are able to provide full insight into processes and results. We implement this software so that all tools are available at campaign start.

Data Rapportage

Clear reporting

We provide clear reporting that gives you insight into who is visiting your site and what is happening on it. We look at which content and campaigns are generating visitors and where they are coming from. This way, we know what works and what doesn't, and make adjustments where necessary.

The foundation for online growth

A startup's website and marketing require a different strategy and approach than those of companies that have been in the playing field longer, because high-tech startups offer a unique solution to a unique problem, and sales processes are usually long stretches. You are looking for a solid foundation to underpin your growth. Where do you start?

Hubspot CRM Marketing Sales Service En CMS

What do we help startups with?

We help identify the ideal target group and translate it into one or more buyer personas. We use these buyer personas to create a customised marketing plan so that we reach the right target audience with all marketing activities.

  1. Website development, design and management
  2. Improving website findability (SEO)
  3. Online lead generation and campaign management
  4. Design and management of social media channels
  5. Blogging and content creation (text and visuals)
  6. E-mail marketing and newsletters
  7. Design and management of online ads (SEA)
  8. Promotion and registration of events and seminars