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Multisite and e-commerce platform for sustainable waste management

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Ortessa is a leading player in waste management in the Netherlands, focused on innovation and environmental awareness. With five subsidiaries, Ortessa focuses on collecting, processing and recycling waste in cooperation with partners. The challenge lay in the outdated digital structure with separate e-commerce platforms that no longer met modern standards and operational efficiency.

  • A reliable and adaptable multisite architecture set up for stable manageability
  • An integrated e-commerce platform for both B2B and B2C, with advanced product and order management
  • A modern, user-friendly design with a flexible theming engine
  • Customisation by postcode and order type, product visibility by customer segment, and flexible pricing by contract period
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  • Development achieved within an impressive 2-month timeframe.
  • Customers independently manage their websites and products.
  • Consistent blocks implemented across different websites for a uniform user experience.
Thanks to Webwonders, our online presence is now as progressive as our eco-friendly solutions.
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Innovation and environmental management: Ortessa's brand new multisite!

Ortessa is passionately committed to a sustainable future. The company, with its strong focus on environmental stewardship, saw the need to revamp its digital strategy to meet today's demands. Working with Webwonders was aimed at revamping Ortessa's online presence, creating a solid and clear multisite system with a unified e-commerce platform, all fitting within the new corporate identity.

Technical innovations, including seamless integration with the Chamber of Commerce and customised ordering options, have not only helped Ortessa improve its operational efficiency, but also ensured a more personalised customer experience. This project highlights the importance of flexibility and customer focus in the changing waste management market, while positioning Ortessa as a forward-thinking company ready for further growth and innovation.

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