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Advanced marketing and CRM implementation

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More optimal, a leading SaaS platform in supply chain planning and optimisation, approached Webwonders to develop a professional, lead-converting website. They needed a solution that would extend their global customer reach, with a focus on smart optimisation through mathematical models, combined with their deep knowledge of supply chain and software.

  • A customised website in HubSpot CMS, aimed at strengthening their online presence
  • A CRM system set up for effective inbound marketing, supported by strategic sessions with the customer
  • Development of buyer personas through customer and partner interviews, followed by targeted marketing communication support
  • Execution of lead generation processes, including LinkedIn campaigns and account-based marketing, with ongoing support and advice for marketing in different countries
  • Optimisation for search engines (SEO) and search engine advertising (SEA) in various countries
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  • Increased client interaction and lead generation: The new website became the focal point for new clients, resulting in increased interaction and lead generation.
  • Flexible and scalable web solution: The modular design of the website offered flexibility and scalability, adapted to More optimal's growing business needs.
  • Enhanced customer insights: The integration of Google Analytics and Ads provided in-depth insights into customer behaviour and ad performance.
  • Continuously available support: Webwonders acted as an enquiry point for technical challenges, providing continuous innovation and support.
At More Optimal, our transformation with Webwonders has led to advanced online solutions and improved interactions with customers and partners.
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Transforming customer and partner experiences

As part of their project with Webwonders, More Optimal faced the challenge of modernising and expanding their digital presence. As a global SaaS platform in supply chain planning and optimisation, it was crucial to better recognise, access and service not only their customer base, but also their network of global partners.

The collaboration with Webwonders resulted in a versatile and strategically designed website, which quickly became the central technical heart of More Optimal. The website not only served as the first point of contact for new clients, but also became a crucial hub for interaction with their global partners. This improved visibility and accessibility, leading to an increase in both client interactions and partner engagement.

A key aspect of this project was the development of a CRM system tailored to More Optimal's needs for effective inbound marketing and partner management. By integrating the CRM system with the website, More Optimal was able to more easily identify and categorise their partners, leading to more personalised and effective communication and service. This enabled More Optimal to not only strengthen their relationships with existing partners, but also form and maintain new partnerships.

Moreover, the integration of advanced marketing tools, including Google Analytics and customised LinkedIn campaigns, provided in-depth insights into partner behaviour and preferences. This data enabled More Optimal to further tailor their marketing strategies and communications to the specific needs and interests of their partners and customers.

Webwonders' thorough digital revamp of More Optimal included not only an improved online presence and customer interactions, but also a stronger and more strategic approach to partner management. This approach helped More Optimal further strengthen their position in their industry and future-proof their digital infrastructure.

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