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The taste of success in digital marketing

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CaterEvents, known for its exclusive catering services for both corporate events and weddings, faced the challenge of improving its online visibility, findability and lead generation. At both in-house and client venues, CaterEvents offers a unique culinary experience. The question was clear: optimise their digital presence to reach and serve a wider audience.

In a market full of competition, CaterEvents faced the challenge of standing out and effectively reaching potential customers. The secret to success lay in improving online visibility and generating leads efficiently, without compromising the core of their premium service.

  • Thoroughly research keywords and set up and manage Google Ads and social media campaigns
  • Optimisation of the website to improve user experience and clearly communicate CaterEvents' unique offering
  • Deployment of HubSpot CRM to effectively capture leads and create clear dashboards to understand campaign results
  • Development of thematic landing pages to reinforce specific marketing campaigns
  • Periodic strategic alignment with marketing and sales teams to optimise digital marketing efforts
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The efforts have yielded impressive results:

  • All leads were accurately stored in the CRM system, with detailed insight into website interactions at contact level.
  • A significant increase of +81% in website visitors and +158% in leads compared to the previous year.
  • Thanks to dashboards and reports, CaterEvents now has deep insight into the effectiveness of their marketing efforts.
  • Collaboration between the marketing and sales teams has been strengthened, with Webwonders acting as both sparring partner and motivator.
The growth in website visitors and leads proves that the right digital strategy is the key to success in catering.
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CaterEvents: The power of digital strategy in luxury catering

CaterEvents has always stood out for its ability to deliver exceptional catering experiences. However, at a time when online presence is essential, the company realised the urgency of strengthening its digital presence. Sharpening its proposition, in collaboration with Webwonders, was a crucial step in realising this ambition. By implementing a thoughtful digital marketing strategy, not only did CaterEvents improve its visibility and findability, but also ensured sustainable growth in lead generation.

This success story illustrates how the right mix of technology, strategic insight and teamwork can truly transform a business. By working closely with Webwonders, CaterEvents not only strengthened its digital presence, but also laid a solid foundation for further growth and success. This case not only highlights the importance of digital marketing, but also shows how it can be a powerful tool to meet and even exceed business objectives in today's dynamic and competitive market. It is an inspiring example of how a thoughtful digital strategy and a partnership with an experienced agency like Webwonders can really make a difference for a company like CaterEvents.

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